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The TopDoggz Web3 Project is inspired by your favourite dog breeds in the Cryptoverse

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About TopDoggz

The TopDoggz collection is a unique algorithmically-generated dog NFTs which are enhanced by hand-drawn portraits, facial expressions, clothings and other accessories.

Our NFT Staking is a loyalty scheme to allows hodlers generate passive earnings by staking their NFTs; while our Play-2-Earn game offers both loyalty rewards and entertainment. The DOGGZ DAO is the community space where all stakeholders engage for the progress of the project.

TopDoggz celebrates the dogs in our lives. The PFPs are a bunch of illustrative dog characters with honourable mentions of dog breeds that have inspired many successful crypto projects; and allows dog lovers and crypto enthusiasts to own a unique piece of art while also supporting causes that look after the welfare of dogs.

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This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take TopDoggz Project. You are all welcome to join us on this web3 experience.

1. Phase 1: Q1, Q2 2023

> Public Presales
> Continuous Marketing Initiates
> Launch Utility Tokens
> Launch 'TopDoggz' PFP NFT Drop
> NFT Drop: Early Supporters Whitelist, Pre-Sale & Discounts
> NFT Drop: Public Mints (10% donation from primary sale)
> NFT Staking & Rewards
> Setup DAO Functionality - (Token, Proposals and Voting)
> DAO vote on proposal to pick dog charities to benefit from donations

2. Phase 2: Q3, Q4 2023

> Implementation of DAO Proposals
> NFT Game Implemetation
> Merch 1.0: Web2 Marketplace
> Merch 2.0 and Tokenized items: Exclusive Blockchain merchandising available to collectors
> P2E Game: Proof of Concept & Prototyping
> Signature NFT Drop (Animated): Ethereum WL Private Mints (10% donation from primary sale)

3. Phase 3: Q1-Q4 2024

> Token ICO, Airdrop & Exchange Listings
> The DOGGZ Musica: Soundtrack Collaborations
> 3D DOGGZ Characters: Uptimized 2D Bodies for 'AllDoggz'
> Merch 3.0: Collectors only events & VIP Merchandising
> The DOGGZ Animated Series and Web3 P2E Game Implemetation
> DoggyVerse: The complete DOGGZ Metaverse Experience. Land designed as a 2D experience with multiple worlds where all DOGGZ and NFTs mix
> Further Product Development


Each DOGG NFT is algorithmically generated by combining 150+ unique traits across different categories. There are only a few legendary NFTs available for grabs.

Spiderman DOGGZ
Pirate DOGGZ
Batman DOGGZ


Technology & Product Development: TBD

Creativity, Strategy & Business: TBD

PR & Community Engagement: TBD. Join us on Discord.

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A dog is a man's best friend. Adopt a dog today! Join us as we celebrate DOGGZ on the blockchains. Available on Ethereum and Solana.

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